In our farm we cultivate with full respect of nature without the use of chemicals and herbicides.

Small fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants and fodder are grown. Our own grown grapes are vinified on the farm according to certified organic methods (ICEA).

All our products are either processed on the farm or can tasted fresh and purchased directly on site. 

Grappa and liqueurs are obtained from the distillation of the pomace of our grapes grown directly on the farm according to an organic method as well as the fruits that gives their characteristic flavours and the aromatic herbs harvested at high altitude in the Brenta Dolomites.

The wines produced on the farm are obtained exclusively from grapes from our vineyard grown according to an organic method and processed in the cellar of our farm.

Jams and syrups produced on the farm are obtained from organic fruits grown and processed fresh directly in our laboratory. Diluted syrups are a cool, thirst-quenching summer drink or warming winter drink. They can also enrich ice cream and fruits or flavour the fillings of your desserts.